Future Shock


2001adIf the last 50,000 years of man”s existence were divided into lifetimes of approximately 62 years each, there have been about 800. Of these 800, fully 650 were spent in caves. Only during the last 70 has it been possible to communicate effectively from one life time to another – as writing made it possible to do. Only during the last 6 lifetimes did masses of men ever see a printed word. Only during the last 4 has it been possible to measure time with any precision. Only during the last 2 has anyone anywhere ever used an electric motor. And the overwhelming majority of all the material goods we use in daily life have been developed within the present 800th lifetime.
[Alvin Toffler - 1970]

13,700,000,000 BC: universe is released

400,000 BC: development of spears

70,000 BC: geometric scratchings on amber

35,000 BC: cave-paintings, ”fertility” figurines, moon-phases tracked on notched bones

3400 BC: first writing in Egypt

1000 – 500BC – Wriitng in China, Algebra in Arabia,

300 BC – Socrates, Plato, Aristotle sketch out philosophy

1200 – Zero is introduced to Europe.

1440 – Leonardo da Vinci paints Mona Lisa

1543 – Copernicus publishes De revolutionibus orbium coelestium

1633 – Galileo is summoned to appear before the Inquisition

1644 – Descartes writes The Principles of Philosophy

1687 – Isaac Newton publishes Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica.

1695 – Leibniz goes binary.

1822 – Charles Babbage develops the Difference Engine

1859 – Darwin publishes Origin of Species

1905 – Einstein solves E

1950 – Crick and Watson solve DNA

1976 – Xerox invents Ethernet
1979 – Apple Mac released
1979 – Miscrosoft license MS-DOS to IBM
1981 – IBM announces PC
1984 – Linux 1.0
1990 – Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web

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